Our Establishment

Our establishment is continuing to serve you variety of dishes selected within the frame of (Yanya couisine) Ottoman cuisine, Turkish cuisine that’s about to be forgotten, its culture with taste and visual pleasure for 100 years. We are trying to keep the Turkish cuisine alive by serving near 100 varieties daily, by having you enjoy classic Turkish music while you eat, combining a delightful taste with its personnel serving with a smile in a nicely decorated and hygienic atmosphere.
Our establishment cares for your health. We use the highest quality ingredients.

We use zero cholesterol hazelnut oil, corn oil and olive oil. If desired, to give taste small amount of butter is added to some dishes (like yoghurt kebab and pilav (Turkish Rice)). We remove the fat and tendons from the meat and served with the season’s fresh vegetables.

Let’s keep Turkish Cuisine Alive

In our job, where we operate our establishment with the manners and advices of our father, the important thing in business is to get the appreciation of our customers in all matters. Our father used to tell us, “Customer is our benefactor”, “Dust under their feet is our biggest earning”, “Biggest profit is for the customer to leave happily”. We are continuing on this path.

Yanyalı Fehmi Traditional Restaurant is giving service every day, between 10:30am - 10:30pm

Call us for your engagement, wedding parties, big dinner organizations, we’ll be next to you.