Since the son of Huseyin Horp of Sipahiogly gentry who migrated from Yanya (a city on the west of Greece), born in 1891, Fehmi was interested in Turkish food, started his traditional restaurant career in 1919 is Kadikoy by hiring Husyin from Bolu, who used to work in the palace, as his head chef.

Fehmi Sönmnezler
1891 - 1980

Despite the difficulties he faced at times (He had become sick at dungeons where British imprisoned him during their occupation of Istanbul and he nearly died there), he became famous with the taste that pays importance to Turkish cuisine, variety, and the service. By opening branches in Beyoglu and Sirkeci, (Currently it’s only giving service from its place in Kadikoy. It has no branches anywhere else), it gained everyone’s appreciation with a mentality that sees its customers as its benefactors.

Let’s keep Turkish Cuisine Alive

Taking the Sonmezler last name during the last name revolution, Fehmi Sonmezler passed away in 1980 in Kadikoy. The traditional restaurant he left behind is being operated by Erdogan and Engin Sonmezler, his two sons out of 5 children who are still alive.
  Erdoğan Sönmezler        Engin Sönmezler

We are hoping our establishment will go beyond a century with Tansel-Can-Ergin Sonmezler who are 3rd generation grandchildren of Deceased Fehmei Sonmezler, the founder of our establishment.

3rd Generation
Tansel                Can                Ergin
Sönmezler    Sönmezler    Sönmezler